Sunday, May 17, 2020

Going Home (1957) by Doris Lessing. COVID-19 Recreational Reading

Going Home (1957) by Doris Lessing

For some reason, I've never quite been able to engage with Lessing. I've also, not, given her many chances. For many years, I had a copy of The Golden Notebook (1962), but never delved into it. In the 1990s, I read The Fifth Child (1988, which, though compelling, was personally disturbing). Going Home, a memoir of her return to her native Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) is a well done first hand account of the troubles and revelations that occur when she tries to re-engage with her native lands. Lessing's Leftist orientation (Marxist? Communist? Populist?) illuminates the inequalities and racism of 1950s Africa. At time didactic, Lessing's honesty, transparency, and ernest desire to create change, is not to be doubted. Lessing notes early in the book, the key concept under discussion:
"Africa belongs to the Africans; the sooner they take it back the better. But—a country also belongs to those who feel at home in it. Perhaps it may be that the love of Africa the country will be strong enough to link people who hate each other now."
  • Read: February 23 - March 22, 2020
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