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Internet Archive Library Leaders Forum 2017

Internet Archive Library Leaders Forum 2017

The theme for this year's meeting was "Creating Open Libraries". Building on the work done as part of the MacArthur Foundation's "100 Million and Change" competition. The 11-13 October meeting brought together nearly fifty participants from a wide range of institution to explore the issues around a five-year project to curate, digitize and lend 4 million diverse and inclusive books through libraries across North America.

The goal is to create an online equivalent of a major library, making millions of digital books accessible to billions of people. This digitize-and-lend service enables libraries that own the hard copies to offer their readers temporary digital access, while preserving a century of books now missing from our digital shelves.

Key areas of the meeting were:
Planning Services & TechnologyWhat essential infrastructure will we all need to digitize and lend millions of books? How do we make them accessible to people with disabilities around the world?  Library managers and engineers will hone the services needed. We’ll define a path to minimum viability for testing and draft a roadmap for the services and systems to come.
Sharing Legal FrameworksThe goal of Open Libraries is to forge a path that honors the rights of creators, while serving the compelling interests of society. A working group of copyright experts has drafted a “Statement on Controlled Digital Lending” to share and refine with you. Together we can clarify the legal framework for the entire library ecosystem.
Connecting StakeholdersOpen Libraries includes experts in law, business, history & human rights. You come from the worlds of libraries, publishing, technology and accessibility. We want to bring you together in intimate groups to deepen our connections. Together we can build an enduring asset for libraries across this nation, ensuring that all people have equal and unfettered access to knowledge.
The meeting opened with an evening event with hands-on demos of Internet Archive tools and services and then an inspirational program that showed the impact of open library content.

The meeting, held at the Internet Achive headquarters, got underway on the morning of 12 October. The program, and that of the following day, featured various keynote speakers and breakout working sessions.

My presentation was on the second day, "Free & Open Access to Biodiversity Literature: An Introduction to the Biodiversity Heritage Library". The meeting also provided an opportunity to catch up with colleagues from around the country and to meet with the Internet Archive staff that have helped to develop the Smithsonian Libraries Collections (books from the collection available from Internet Archive for digital lending).

Some images from the events:

Here are some of my highlights from the first day:

  • We libraries are a social and moral portion of the technology sphere" @brewster_kahle #llf2017
  • @brewster_kahle & @whanamura in day 1 closing q&a at #llf2017
  • @brewster_kahle Can we have a truly digital library by 2020? We have a legal basis, the tech, we have the right people, why not? #llf2017
  • The opportunity of a lifetime - @brewster_kahle closing day 1 of #llf2017 challenges attendees 2 think boldly about what libraries can be
  • Panel on fair use and digital lending for libraries, "Statement on Controlled Digital Lending by Libraries" #llf2017
  • @HSKettler & @nowviskie of @CLIRDLF @ #llf2017 at @internetarchive / overview of DLF & the work of cultural assessment of digicollections 
  • Cherie Bush, Marketing Manager, @FamilySearch on the importance of access to family histories #llf2017
  • David Leonard President of the @BPLBoston on on the Houghton Mifflin trade book collection project #llf2017
  • @LeahPrescott from Georgetown Law Library on opening up legal literature #llf2017 
  • Some of the @internetarchive publisher partners for open @whanamura #llf2017
  • @whanamura coming through the @internetarchive Way back Machine at a moving opening night
  • @whanamura opening the 2017 Library Leaders Forum #llf2017
  • How @internetarchive is improving scale and accessibility of book digitization, Wendy, James, and Jim #llf2017
  • "You can't do that, lawyers will rain down on you like frogs!" -- 35PB later ... @brewster_kahle #llf2017
  • @brewster_kahle setting the tone of a common vision for an open library -- a true Universal Access to All Knowledge #llf2017

Highlights from the second day:

  • Learning to fly, but I ain't got wings 
  • @whanamura thanking the staff of @internetarchive for a great job on #llf2017
  • @mljmljmlj CEO/Founder of Clearwater & innovator at One Laptop Per Child closing #llf2017
  • Karen Keninger, Dir of the Nat Library Service 4 the Blind & Physically Handicapped, @librarycongress w/moving talk on access #llf2017
  • @MarkGraham On some tricks using the @waybackmachine and web archiving #llf2017
  • Tracey Jacquith of @internetarchive on some new things around TV #llf2017
  • Mitra Ardon from @internetarchive on the decentralized future of the web, 'locking the web open' #llf2017
  • @rchrd2 on the topic of some @internetarchive experiments #llf2017
  • @MarkGraham, Director of the @waybackmachine showing how to bring in @internetarchive books into the citation ecosystem #llf2017
  • @mekarpeles "There's a map hiding in every book"  / finding links and conversations ... but predigital books are left out of this revolution
  • Brenton Chang of @internetarchive showing how to get a custom collection of lendable books #llf2017
  • “How did we get here from there? The origin story of the @BioDivLibrary“ will upload the full presentation later #llf2017
  • James English, Product Owner National Platforms at @nypl speaking on the SimplyE ebook platform # llf2017
  • @erimille is co-founder & prez of @zepheiraorg which provides solutions to effectively integrate, navigate and manage information #llf2017
  • Our time machine got quite a workout on Wednesday night. Read about our annual celebration at …
  • Brianna Schofield is the Exec Dir of Authors Alliance which represents authors taking advantage of digital to share their work #llf2017
  • Elevators help not just those in wheelchairs (eg strollers/bikes/luggage) accessible ebooks will serve broadly - @JimFruchterman #llf2017
  • Print books are wonderful, but they are too often locked to a large part of the population - @JimFruchterman #llf2017
  • Keynote Address: @JimFruchterman, Founder and CEO of Benetech on Bringing Millions of Digital Books to Billions #llf2017
  • Today's hymns are 314, 159, and 265 

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