Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Scaling up capacity enhancement, #GB23 panel

Raymond, Escobar, Radji, Heughebart, Wang

GBIF 23 Public Symposium

Scaling up capacity enhancement: BID, BIFA and supplementary funding: Panel 1

Mélianie Raymond (GBIF Secretariat) led a panel about capacity enhancement being done by GBIF. Challenges include expanding network of countries, institutions, and people; rapidly evolving tools and processes; and a small Secretariat team. Raymond then outlined the two key funding tools (BID and BIFA), as well as supplementary funding.

Other panelists were Pierre Radji (Togo), Yu-Huang Wang (TaiBIF), and Dairo Escobar (Colombia). Panelists spoke specifically on how capacity buildg worked in their region or country. André Heughebart (Belgium) provided a view from a mentor.

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