Wednesday, October 26, 2016

@GBIF 's Priorities and Direction for 2017-2021: Panel 2 #GB23

GBIF 23 Public Symposium

GBIF's Priorities and Direction for 201-2021: Panel 2

Donald Hobern (GBIF Executive Secretary) gave a number of highight from the 2017 Implementation plan. GBIF's role is:

  • Remove obstacles to collaboration in sharing and use of biodiversity data
  • Organize evidence of recorded occurrence of any species in time and space
  • Support development of a global virtual natural history collection

He also outlined the five priorities for 2017-2021 and focused on key elements:
  • Strengthening skills of GBIF participants and the biodiversity community, this includes providing skill sets to new GBIF heads of delegation and node managers
  • Fill data gaps; GBIF needs to identify data sets that appear outside of normal GBIF ingests; what are the technical requirements to make this happen?
  • Support biodiversity assessment; identify the key data variables needed to model biodiversity
Greg Riccardi (iDigBio | U.S.) spoke on mobilizing collections and collections digitization infrastructure in the U.S.; Rui Figueira (Portugal) discussed delivering relevent data, specifically using agrobiodiversity as an example; Néstor Acosta (Ecuador) gave an engaging talk from the perspective of a new GBIF participant. 

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