Thursday, July 28, 2016

So long New Hampshire (and Vermont and Maine) ...

So long New Hampshire (and Vermont and Maine), it's been a fun week or so. Here's a little farewell from Robert Frost:

IMG_20160727_130441 IMG_20160726_150601 IMG_20160724_170206

She's one of the two best states in the Union.
Vermont's the other. And the two have been
Yokefellows in the sap yoke from of old
In many Marches. And they lie like wedges,
Thick end to thin end and thin end to thick end,
And are a figure of the way the strong
Of mind and strong of arm should fit together,
One thick where one is thin and vice versa.
- From "New Hampshire" by Robert Frost (from the classic 1923 collection, New Hampshire)

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