Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Dinning out at the iAPM Mall in Shanghai

I was spoiled by my location in the old French Concession portion of Shanghai. I could come back from a busy day and roll right into the IAPM Mall (one of the newest and fanciest in Shanghai) and have a choice of a number of great restaurants.  My four stops were:

Greyhound Cafe | Website| Dinner
A "Thai/Italian" fusion place. Food was just ok, service was just ok (I don't think that the "kids" running the place were really excited to see me arrive).

IMG_20160704_203058 IMG_20160704_203151 IMG_20160704_203218

Paradise Dynasty | Website | Dinner
I don't have as much experience with the XLB as The Shanghai Kid, so I'll have to take his review of Paradise Dynasty as face. I must say that I really enjoyed the XLB (aka the Xiaolongbao Shanghai soup dumpling)

IMG_20160705_205233516_HDR IMG_20160705_210347162_HDR IMG_20160705_054020

Ginza Bairin | Website| Lunch
Tasty pork cutlet served with a pork miso soup and some other tasty sides. A perfect lunch!

Gu Yi | Website | Dinner
Some very tasty Hunan style food. I got the hot wok that was very good.

Oh, and there's also a Starbucks there!

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