Thursday, October 08, 2015

Sadly, I didn't get to see the Aye-Aye, but did get to see, and hear, many Indri!

2015.10.05-IMG_5240Though the animals found in Madagascar are few as compared with those which people the adjacent continent of Africa, there are several peculiarly interesting species, respecting which I was anxious to obtain information, and, if possible, procure specimens. Among these was the aye-aye, Cheiromys Madagascariensis, a remarkable animal, found only in Madagascar, and of which only one specimen exists in Europe, in the Museum of Paris. I spoke to some of the intelligent natives about the aye-aye, and found it was but rarely met with, and seemed to be regarded with a sort of superstitious feeling which would make them rather unwilling to attempt its capture. From their remarks and those of others it does not appear to be confined to the western coast of the island, as has been supposed, several having been taken in other parts, and I was led to infer that there is more than one species, as some described the animal as larger than others. (p. 170)

From Three visits to Madagascar during the years 1853--1854--1856: Including a journey to the capital; with notices of the natural history of the country and of the present civilization of the people by William Ellis

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