Friday, September 25, 2015

It has been ... the fashion to speak of Nairobi as an ugly little town ... It is not true now. - S.E. White #QotD

It has been, as I have said, the fashion to speak of Nairobi as an ugly little town. This was probably true when the first corrugated iron houses huddled unrelieved near the railway station. It is not true now. The lower part of town is well planted, and is always picturesque as long as its people are astir. The white population have built in the wooded hills some charming bungalows surrounded by bright flowers or lost amid the trunks of great trees. From the heights on which is Government House one can, with a glass, watch the game herds feeding on the plains. Two clubs, with the usual games of golf, polo, tennis — especially tennis — football and cricket; a weekly hunt, with jackals instead of foxes ; a bungalow town club on the slope of a hill ; an electric light system; a race track; a rifle range; frilly parasols and the latest fluffiest summer toilettes from London and Paris — I mention a few of the refinements of civilization that offer to the traveller some of the most piquant of contrasts. (pp. 133-34) From: African Camp Fires (1914) by Stewart E. White


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