Saturday, May 30, 2015

Accra is utilitarian ... Its atmosphere is that of a young American town #QotD

2015.05.26-DSC01380In effect, Accra is utilitarian and so far has not striven after the beautiful or indulged in the gentle extravagance of the pursuit of the picturesque. Its atmosphere is that of a young American town. No one, apparently, has time to walk. The aforementioned excellent roads teem with motor cars — nearly all of American make — and motor-cycles. Occasionally one encounters a rickshaw, and it is then safe to hazard that the occupant is a retired native merchant who has made his pile out of cocoa and now finds that he can dawdle as much as he will and enjoys so doing. In 1911 the population was approximately 30,000. To-day it is probably not far short of double that figure and there is no sign of any limit having been reached. Accommodation is at a premium and as difficult to obtain as a room was in London during the period when the Government occupied practically every hotel.

West Africa the elusive
by Alan Bourchier Lethbridge (1921), p. 29

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