Sunday, January 04, 2015

Times Square, (1980) and Times Square (2015) ... what a difference 35 years makes!

I was in New York City in the fall of 1980. During that trip I took a couple of rolls of film. In addition to some pictures from the World Trade Center, I took some around Times Square. For those who remember the Times Square of the 1980s (and earlier), you'll recall the adult theaters, the 3 card monte "players" and a general seedy atmosphere.

Today, it's all glitzy big name stores and costumed "characters" you can take your photo with for "free" (just a tip).

The picture below is from between 48th and 49th Street on 7th Avenue. You'll note the Avon 7 Theatre (showing, can't quite tell, but looks like Deep Throat 3). This block is now home to M&M World.


Not quite sure where these below were taken, but somewhere around Times Square.


Likewise, this shot shows a Times Square that's now long gone!


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