Saturday, November 01, 2014

Some quotes from Delusions by Hjalmar Söderberg

2014.11.01-IMG_2698I picked up a couple of books by Hjalmar Söderberg before my trip to Stockholm, here are a few quotes from Delusions (1895) by Hjalmar Söderberg.

From Delusions (1895):

Sailing ships in the harbor rocked slowly as in a dream, their dark gray sails distended because it had rained during the night. The church clock struck nine. Thomas was already out. At a fruit stand at Hamngatan he bought some German pears in a bag, and he had every intention of eating them in the shade of a very old oak tree out in Djurgården.

He took the steam launch over to Gustav III's statue and walked up the hill to the palace. It took some time before he found the right on Svartmangatan in the spider web of streets around the town square. He crawled in through a door and up a flight of stairs, knocked on a door and heard a voice say, “Come in!”

“Is there a moral?” “Yes, of course. Anything aimed at ridiculing love has a moral.”

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