Saturday, November 01, 2014

A visit to August Strindberg's house and a passage from The Red Room (1879)

August #StockholmStrindberg was another reading choice for my trip to Stockholm, but I decided to read a novel instead of a play. The passage below is from The Red Room (1879).

I also passed by Strindberg's house in Stockholm, the museum wasn't open, however, at that time of the day.

"Doubtless there is not another street in Stockholm as ugly, and not another house as old, as dirty, and as gloomy. The entrance gate has the inviting appearance of a disused gallows. The rubble stones in the yard have moved more closely together in the course of time, so that a few small blades of grass have been able to shoot up."  August Strindberg, The Red Room (1879)

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