Thursday, November 27, 2014

100° to 0°! Happy birthday Anders Celsius #FamousScientists

2014.10.25-IMG_2252Anders Celsius, creator of Celsius/Centigrade scale of temperature, was born on this date in 1701 in Uppsala, Sweden.

In his original scale, Celsius had the scale go the opposite way (water boils at 0° and freezes at 100°), but another famous colleague of his at the University of Uppsala (a fellow we're familiar with, one Carl Linnaeus), swapped it around after Celsius' death.

When I was in Gamla Uppsala in October of 2014, I visited the church there (the original Swedish cathedral). His grave, unfortunately, is currently covered by flooring.

2014.10.25-IMG_2256 2014.10.25-IMG_2254

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