Saturday, October 25, 2014

When in Sweden, eat pizza ... and falafel!

60 Kvdrat
I really meant to have something more exotic, but figured that I'll have some more typical Swedish dinner dishes when I'm in Jönköping. So, on my first night in Uppsala, while looking for an Indian restaurant in the rain, I ran across 60 Kvadrat: Mat/Vin. Nice little place just a block from the Fyris River. Friendly service from a waiter who recommended a nice organiz Spanish wine for my four cheese pizza that was topped with a bit of salad.

Il Forno
My second night, I was debating between a couple of spots and defaulted to Il Forno Italiano (near the hotel and quite nice looking). Again, excellent service and I had the Montepulciano and an Il Diavolo (salami and peppers) pizza (and a side salad).

2014.10.25-IMG_2289And so as not to be just Italian, I found a fabulous food truck, Dr. Falafel at the foot of the Cathedral that racked up a wicked falafel sandwich. I had the chicken and falafel the first day and the single falafel on my second day.

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