Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Uppsala version of Strindberg's The Red Room ... Life in Uppsala

"The sun was standing over the Liljeholm, throwing sheaves of rays towards the east; they pierced the columns of smoke of Bergsund, flashed across the Riddarfjörd, climbed to the cross of the Riddarholms church, flung themselves on to the steep roof of the German church opposite, toyed with the bunting displayed by the boats on the pontoon bridge, sparkled in the windows of the chief custom-house, illuminated the woods of the Liding Island, and died away in a rosy cloud far, far away in the distance where the sea was In days long past...". - August Strindberg, The Red Room (1879)


Strindberg's Röda rummet (The Red Room) is a satiric novel of Stockholm society in the later 19th century. It's also a bookstore in Uppsala that I passed by earlier today. And, as a side, note, it's also a bar in Uppsala, that I didn't check out!

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