Thursday, October 30, 2014

QotD: A hot afternoon sun was scorching the pavements of the provincial town X-köping. - Strindberg

2014.10.29-IMG_2393There are a whole long string of X-köping towns and cities west and southwest of Stockholm. I visited Jönköping, but it was not a hot afternoon, but the day of these pictures was the warmest!

"A hot afternoon sun was scorching the pavements of the provincial town X-köping. The large vaults of the town hall were still deserted; fir branches were scattered all over the floor, and it smelt of a funeral. The graduated liqueur bottles stood on the shelves, having an afternoon nap, opposite the brandy bottles which wore the collars of their orders round their necks and were on leave until the evening; the clock, which could never take a nap, stood against the wall like a tall peasant, whiling away the time by contemplating, apparently, a huge playbill, impaled on a clothes peg close by." August Strindberg, The Red Room (1879)

  2014.10.29-IMG_2376 2014.10.29-IMG_2369 2014.10.29-IMG_2392

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