Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A visit to the Smithsonian Libraries' STRI Library in Panama

While in Panama for the JSTOR Plants meeting, I took the opportunity to visit with the STRI Library staff. I arrived in the early morning, but there still a number of readers in the main reading room. I met with Vielka Chang-Yau (Librarian) for a while and we talked about a variety of administrative things; the state of the Federal budget, the new online performance evaluation system.

Vielka also showed me where the rogue possum (the Zariguella or Dedelphis marsupialis) took over her office. We then met as a group with the rest of the library staff (Angel Aguirre, Ricardo Beteta, Apolinar Guerrero, and Mr. Santos; Elizabeth Sanchez was on leave that day). We discussed various concerns they had related to ILL (problems with shipping materials to/from Washington); shipping issues related to binding; and other topics. We also made sure to take a group photo with Origami Martha. Vielka was kind enough to drive me back to my hotel and as we were pulling out of the parking lot, an agouti dashed along the sidewalk.

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