Wednesday, September 24, 2014

World Flora Online overview by @ckmillerjr from the Missouri Botanical Garden #GlobalPlants

IMG_20140924_111600World Flora Online how it came to be:
- Starts with conservation
- Series of meetings and MOU (open in 2013)
- 23 signers to the project and growing
- Worldwide participation
- Council and 2 working groups
- Created a logo (most imporant!)

What is World Flora Online?
- all known plants and regions
- freely available over the Internet
- will have a public webiste site and web services
- specialist website
- will ingest printed flora as well ad direct digital treatments
- Content from many other sources

(side note from Chuck: easy to draw the boxes with all the connections on a chart, much harder in real life)

Some questions:
- what about the global plant list?
- WFO backbone will start with IPNI, add a bryophyte identifier
- Some prototype portals have been developed and are in testing
- Uses Darwin Core with extensions
- Created over 100 use cases to develop requirements

Consumers of WFO:
- Conservationists
- Plant taxonomists
- other scientists
- general public interested in botany
- contributors to the WFO
- "other stakeholders"

Upcoming meeting in Geneva (February 2015).

"World Flora Online" Chuck Miller from the Missouri Botanical Garden

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