Thursday, September 25, 2014

Closing day of #GlobalPlants will be reporting out from discussion groups (David Cantrill & @CKMillerjr)

IMG_20140925_091627Today is the last day of the 7th Annual Global Plants meeting here in Panama.

The agenda for the day is reporting back from the breakout sessions from the past two days and reviewing action items for going forward.


  • TOPIC 1: The JSTOR Plants database – suggestions for improvements or additional functionality.
  • TOPIC 2: GAP Analysis-How to Continue the effort?
  • TOPIC 3: Data editing and updating the Plants database – challenges and opportunities.
  • TOPIC 4: New Participants – how can we support them in the post-funding period?
  • TOPIC 5: Partnerships for the GPI project
  • TOPIC 6: Priorities for the GPI community
  • TOPIC 7: Communication Strategy for the GPI Community
  • TOPIC 8: Future Meeting opportunities  

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