Saturday, May 10, 2014

Presentation at the #IMLSFocus meeting at New York Public Library, "A National Digital Platform: Tools for Innovation"

2014-04-29 09.31.26I had the privilege of being invited to the IMLS Focus Meeting at the New York Public Library (29 April 2014). The gathering of around forty or so people brought out many great ideas. The format was interesting with short panels on a variety of topics and then open discussion.

The webcast is now online.

I participated in "TOOLS: Encouraging Innovation" that was moderated by Mary Lee Kennedy, Chief Library Officer, New York Public Library -- @NYPL. The other participants were:

  • Ben Vershbow, Manager, NYPL Labs -- @subsublibrary / @NYPL_Lab
  • Tom Scheinfeldt , Associate Professor of Digital Media / Director of Digital Humanities at University of Connecticut -- @foundhistory / @UConn
At the meeting, we spoke without slides, but I fiddled with the talk a bit and added some slides, I think this represents what I said (but you can look at the webcast to get the live version!).

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