Sunday, February 16, 2014

Three Chinatowns in two weeks ... Philadelphia, Melbourne, Singapore

On my recent trips, I was able to stay in three different Chinatowns, Philadelphia, Melbourne, and Singapore. All three were quite different, but in some ways, had many similarities. I really like to visit Chinatowns around the world. I've been in quite a few now and in the past few weeks was able to see the dramatically different ones.
First stop, Philadelphia.

In late January,I was in Philadelphia for a conference and stayed right near the Philly Chinatown. As an added bonus it was a snowy, winery visit, so I gat to see a snowy Chinatown.. The Philly Chinatown is on the small side, but conveniently located. This visit had an added bonus of occurring during a snowstorm, so it was interesting to see the Chinese arches in the snow. I didn't have much time in Philly on this trip, so didn't get to eat or explore all that much.

2014.01.25-IMG_8083 Chinatown arch #Philadelphia 2014.01.25-IMG_8092 2014.01.25-IMG_8088 2014.01.25-IMG_8086 2014.01.25-IMG_8093

A few days later, I was off to Melbourne and stayed in Chinatown, just off Little Bourke Street. My bonus there was that it was at the start of the Year of the House and I got to see parades and fireworks!

2014.02.05-IMG_8667 2014.01.31-IMG_8331 2014.02.05-IMG_8666 2014.01.30-IMG_8136 2014.01.30-IMG_8131 2014.01.30-IMG_8138

From Melbourne, I moved on to Singapore. Even though Singapore is mostly Chinese, I stayed in the historic Chinatown portion of the island. Still Chinese New Year when I was there, and the I saw many a dragon and heard many a drum. Along New Bridge Road one night was a mini-festival with music and performers.
2014.02.11-IMG_9315 2014.02.11-IMG_9326 2014.02.09-IMG_9157 2014.02.09-IMG_9180 2014.02.06-IMG_8737 2014.02.06-IMG_8735

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