Monday, February 03, 2014

Southern Cross, 4th time around ... The skies aren't like LA around here ...

Southern CrossThis is my fourth time "Crossing the Line" (so to speak). In 2010, I visited Brasil and Australia; then, in 2012, South Africa.

I was able to spot the Southern Cross on those trips, especially on the trip to South Africa where I stayed in a lovely light pollution free area of Cape Town for part of the trip).

But on this trip to Australia, I was in a perfect spot. Lorne, a few hours from Melbourne on the coast, had a perfect light free sky and clear skies, so it was easy to spot.

In fact, the night I went Southern Cross spotting, I was looking skyward when a man in a suit with an American accent asked "Are you Australian?" I said no, sorry. He said he was looking for the Southern Cross, so I pointed it out and him and said, "The skies are so different here." And he replied, "Yes, much different than LA."

Different indeed ...

Here's the post from South Africa.

2014-02-02 06.12.09

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