Friday, February 14, 2014

My local in Singapore, Chinatown's The Library (shhhsh! the password is .... )

The password for my time there was "Let's horse around" (get it? Year of the Horse?) ... and another I won't reveal at this time since it's still in place!

My drinks:
  • Triple Bols: How can you go wrong with genever? 
  • Rye 'n' Air
  • Butter Rye Effect
  • Pisco Inferno
  • A special genever, Aperol, and more concoction made just for me

IMG_20140207_200733.jpg IMG_20140207_200729.jpg IMG_20140207_194609.jpg 2014.02.11-IMG_9386 2014-02-11 19.59.17 2014-02-11 19.58.57 2014-02-10 20.38.04

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