Sunday, February 09, 2014

Live bullfrog porridge! Now that's something you don't see on the menu at just anywhere

2014.02.09-IMG_9174Ok, I think I've eaten a few interesting things around the world the past few years, but I think that this is one dish that shall never pass my lips. Or for that matter, the Ginger Spring Onion Bull Frog (even if it is only S$4!).

And one reason is that just a few minutes before I saw this restaurant (Simma Claypot Live Bull Frog Porridge - see Yelp! reviews here), I was in the China Center Complex food market and there were cages and cages of bull frogs. Not small ones either, they were easily twice the size of my fist (and at 4 for S$10 for and 3 for S$10 we know what the restaurant mark up is!).



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