Saturday, February 22, 2014

A visit to some Hindu temples in Singapore

2014.02.06-IMG_8751I wasn't knowing quite what to expect in Singapore, but my first thought was certainly not of Hindu Temples. In reading my Singapore history, however, I learned all about the large south Indian population that migrated there. One of my chief sightseeing goals ended up being the Little India neighborhood.

It was quite interesting and filled with the sights and sounds of India (maybe even perhaps enough to sait my appetite for India!). There were a number of Hindu Temples around other parts of town, including the Sri Layan SIthi Vinayagar Temple right around the corner from my hotel in Chinatown which greeted me each morning with bell ringing at 0730hr.

The temples were all very active, crowded with devotees and alive in full Bollywood Technicolor!

Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple (Chinatown)
This was my "local" Hindu temple, just a few steps from my hotel and within earshot of the bells that would ring at certain hours (such as 0700hr. This was also my first experience of the "smashing coconuts". This is the rite where the devotee takes a coconut and smashes it (in a metal box with stone in the center); this symbolizes the shattering of obstacles to spiritual concentration.
2014.02.06-IMG_8693 2014.02.06-IMG_8692 2014.02.06-IMG_8690 2014.02.06-IMG_8689 2014.02.06-IMG_8688

Sri Mariamman Temple (Chinatown)
It took me a while to find this temple, but when I did it was dusk, turning to night and it was a very nice view of the temple. The deities in the dark and light were quite spectacular!
2014.02.06-IMG_8759 2014.02.06-IMG_8743 2014.02.06-IMG_8748 2014.02.06-IMG_8745 2014.02.06-IMG_8751 2014.02.06-IMG_8752 2014.02.06-IMG_8750 2014.02.06-IMG_8757 2014.02.06-IMG_8760

Very disappointed to see that this temple was under re-construction. All covered in scaffolding and hidden away. There was a little "pop-up" temple for devotees.

Very large temple complex, unfortunately, it wasn't open when I was there so I had to settle for the spectacular exterior and some long shots into the inside.

Another active temple in the Little India section of Singapore.

2014.02.08-IMG_8896 2014.02.08-IMG_8893 2014.02.08-IMG_8899 2014.02.08-IMG_8903 2014.02.08-IMG_8904 2014.02.08-IMG_8909

Large temple in the Little India section of Singapore. It was very active and being decorated with flower garlands on my visit. Very active coconut breaking when I was there!
2014.02.08-IMG_8990 2014.02.08-IMG_8977 2014.02.08-IMG_8973 2014.02.08-IMG_8985 2014.02.08-IMG_8944 2014.02.08-IMG_8969

Curious temple in that it's hard to see from the street. Built for North Indians, it was closed when I visited, but got a good view of the front exterior, much of it is hidden from regular street view.
2014.02.08-IMG_9035 2014.02.08-IMG_9036 2014.02.08-IMG_9038 2014.02.08-IMG_9039 2014.02.08-IMG_9040 2014.02.08-IMG_9037

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