Sunday, December 01, 2013

Penultimate ... No Trespassing ... over and over again by Val Tillery (Artist's Book Series XXV)


By 1994 I had started to slow down my artist's book purchases. I only had one purchase in 1994 and then, in November of 1995 I made a trip to Bookworks and found No Trespassing by Val Tillery. The vibrant colors struck me as well as the intricate design in such a small size. The item was a bit pricey by my usual standards, but I went ahead and bought it ... it would be my last purchase for quite a while ...

Val Tillery
Untitled [No Trespassing] (1991)
n.p., Self-Published
Synopsis: No Trespassing. The bright reproductions in this book resemble woodcuts and are printed on uncut, perforated pages; they speak of human isolation, a mythic creature, and destructive impulses in a folk art style.
Cost: $9.00 | x41392 | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

41392-IMG_6117 41392-IMG_6114 41392-IMG_6120 41392-IMG_6119 41392-IMG_6118 41392-IMG_6116 41392-IMG_6121

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