Tuesday, December 10, 2013

@Krafft at #cni13f with Brian Lowe giving overview & update on @VIVOcollab

Good overview, over 10 institutions worldwide; only way to exchange research and researcher information openly via linked data; returns researcher information as HTML or data. Data that is visible gets fixed fast.

USDA using it for 45k researchers, goal is to link all land grant institutions.

Can create dashboards, visualize network strengths, and more.

Important feature is to creat context for research data. Also doing work with data set registries.

VIVO is a worldwide community, open suite of tools, hiring a project manager, an ontology.

Brian Lowe focused on how the VIVO data works. VIVO-ISF (integrated semantic framework) is the way it represents people based on the products of their research and activities.

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