Thursday, November 21, 2013

Postcards and Palindromic Playing cards ... (Artist's Book Series XX)

mrk03-IMG_6168Artist's book makers are often drawn from the world of print making. At the same time, much fine printing becomes it's own art form. So, also in my collection are two very nice examples of fine printing.

The first is a deck of playing cards from 1991, the title of the work is "Palindromes" fitting, of course for the year 1991. Printed/published by Grafik Communications, the artwork si by Bob James and Evangelia Phillippidis. The jokes in the deck are printed with palindromes.

Grafik Communications, Ltd., ed.
Palindromes (1991)
Alexandria, VA, Grafik Communications, Ltd.
Deck of 52 cards plus two jokers and five cards of text; issued to celebrate 1991 as a palindromic year; Aces are Jokers are printed with palindromes. Illustrations by Bob James and Evangelia Phillippidis
Cost: $0.00 | xmrk03

mrk03-IMG_6163 mrk03-IMG_6164 mrk03-IMG_6165 mrk03-IMG_6166

The second graphic item in the collection is a set of 12 letterpress postcards that I don't remember exactly where I purchased them. Each finely printed postcard also has a quippy saying, such as "Irony is the best policy".

Letterpress Postcards (1991)
Oakland, Black Swan Printing
12 letterpress postcards in paper band
Cost: $10.00 | xmrk02

xmrk02-IMG_6160 xmrk02-IMG_6161 xmrk02-IMG_6162

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