Saturday, November 02, 2013

Good morning from Florence, from me and John Ruskin: The Sixth Morning. The Shepherd's Tower

I had intended to give the best account of it in my power; but, when at Florence, lost all time for writing that I might copy the group of the Pope and Emperor for the schools of Oxford; and the work since done by Mr. Caird has informed me of so much, and given me, in some of its suggestions, so much to think of, that I believe it will be best and most just to print at once his account of the fresco as a supplement to these essays of mine, merely indicating any points on which I have objections to raise, and so leave matters till Fors lets me see Florence once more.

John Ruskin, Mornings in Florence (1881)

Here are a couple of other views of Giotto's tower:

2013.10.31-IMG_7009  2013.10.31-IMG_7038

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