Saturday, November 23, 2013

Each soft touch conceals sharp-edge instruments of desire (Artist's Book Series XXI)

41198-IMG_6063These three items don't really share all that much in common. I found the contrast of the two items (Forty-Six Instruments of Desire and Variations for Sharp-Edge Instrument and Chorus) with their images of sharp and sometimes painful items with Increase Maready's Each Soft Touch with its Xeroxed roses interesting.

Variations for Sharp-Edge Instrument and Chorus, with it's cut/folded pages is a particularly striking work.

Increase Maready
Each Soft Touch (1993?)
Printed illustrations of anatomic and botanical illustrations to a short poem
n.p., Self-Published
Cost: $2.00 | x46147

46147-IMG_6097 46147-IMG_6098 46147-IMG_6099

Stephen Perkins
Forty-Six Instruments of Desire (1991)
Iowa City, IO, Plagiarist Press
Cost: $2.00 | x41405 | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

41405-IMG_6019 41405-IMG_6020

Jose Soler
Variations for Sharp-Edge Instrument and Chorus (1987, 1985)
New York?, Cheap Press
Fourteen leaves with “X” cut in the middle; each cut is folded in a unique manner with accompanying text
Cost: $8.00 | x41198

 41198-IMG_6064 41198-IMG_6062 41198-IMG_6066 41198-IMG_6065

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