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At the Atlanta crossroads of art and the book: Nexus Press (Artist's Book Series XVI)

Nearly ten years ago, in December 2003, Nexus Press (Atlanta), closed its doors after 26 years in business. The press was a hotbed for the printing of some amazing artist's books and for creating an environment for their creators. Today, the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center still maintains some titles for sale You can also find works from Nexus Press at Printed Matter, Inc.

For my collection, I eventually acquired three titles printed by Nexus Press:

Robin Berhat. Evidence of Living (1991)
Berhat's work is in the form of a child's paper "fortune teller". The finely designed, heavy-weight paper is printed with words and numbers that are then folded into a smaller envelope.

41364-IMG_6141 41364-IMG_6142 41364-IMG_6143 41364-IMG_6144

Jennifer Cawley. Relative Sizes and Amounts … (1991)
In this small work, Cawley has assembled 8 square cards fasted with a brass clip. Each card is finely printed and makes for a beautiful package.

41329-IMG_6021 41329-IMG_6022

Kim Knox. Their Nightmare (1991)
For this work, Knox has assembled a number of fold-out, printed and stamped pages in a spiral bound format.

41350-IMG_6028 41350-IMG_6030 41350-IMG_6029

Robin Berhat
Evidence of Living (1991)
Atlanta, Nexus Press
Paper “Fortune Teller” with printed words and numbers; in small envelope
Cost: $3.00 | x41364 | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection
Jennifer Cawley
Relative Sizes and Amounts … (1991)
Atlanta, Nexus Press
Eight square cards with printed illustrations and words bound with brass clip
Cost: $3.00 | x41329 | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection
Kim Knox
Their Nightmare (1991)
Atlanta, Nexus Press
Spiral bound stamped and printed book
Cost: $ | x41350 | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

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