Friday, October 18, 2013

Works by Paul Dean, a dark A Gulf and a Day-Glo Paper Shrine (Artist's Book Series IV)

Of his A Gulf (1991), Dean said it is a: "Tragi-comic manipulation of a small-town newspaper's coverage of the Persian Gulf War. The small scale of this piece of twisted propaganda is eerily reminiscent of the 100-hour ground war." 

In contrast to the small, black and white book is Dean's earlier Paper Shrine (1990), a boldly colored, neon printed collection of found ephemera in a Day-Glo, Op-Art extravaganza.

(a side note: I purchased a copy of A Gulf in February 1993, perhaps because of bad inventory control, I purchased a second copy later that year in November!).

Paul Dean
Paper Shrine (1990)
Raleigh, NC, Barefoot Press
Found printed ephemera printed on neon colored paper
Cost: $5.00 | x41336 | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection
41336-IMG_6032 41336-IMG_6034 41336-IMG_6033

Paul Dean
A Gulf (1991)
Springfield, MO, Self-published
Xerographic newspaper text and images related to the First Gulf War
Cost: $2.00 |  | x46149 

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