Monday, October 28, 2013

No mail art, but mail-order Artist's Books from Printed Matter (Artist's Book Series IX)

In an earlier post (Printed Matter, the artist's book pilgrimage site (Artist's Book Series VIII), I covered my introduction to the great Printed Matter store. At the time I only knew Printed Matter from their mail-order catalog. Now, having enjoyed the tactile experience of purchases at Bookworks (see Bookworks, a bookshop for artist's books at the Washington Project for the Arts [Artist's Book Series I]), I was a bit hesitant to jump into buying sight unseen, but did anyway.

For my purchase, I selected four items:

Sol LeWitt, The Location of Eight Points (1977, 1974)
This item was a reprint of LeWitt's earlier (1974) work. In addition to being a master of the Minimalist School, LeWitt was also a key figure in the founding of Printed Matter and, at $2.00, it was a low-barrier way to add a "name" artist to my budding collection.
01136-IMG_6068 01136-IMG_6070 01136-IMG_6069

Tuli KupferbergKill for Peace, Again (1987)
Kupferberg was a bit of a greybeard -- by the 1990s -- of the counterculture, avante-garde movement of the 1960s. A founding member of The Fugs, he was on the barricades of art early on. This work, a newsprint "magazine" was a update to his classic 1965 work (Kill for Peace).
03288-IMG_6067 03288-IMG_6050

Louise NeaderlandOpen Roads/Empty Nests (1988)
Another opportunity to add a high profile artist to the collection. I had been a fan of Neaderland for a while. Noted for her work as print-maker, book artist, and for me, as founder-director of the International Society of Copier Artists (I.S.C.A.). The ISCA, and its publication, The ISCA Quarterly, influenced my collecting habits and tastes of artist's books.

04720-IMG_6051 04720-IMG_6052

Sol LeWitt
The Location of Eight Points (1977, 1974)
New York, Max Protech Gallery
Text, with accompanying illustrations, describing geometric figures
Cost: $2.00 | x01136 | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection
Tuli Kupferberg
Kill for Peace, Again (1987)
New York, Strolling Dog Press
Offset printed text/collage/drawings of a left-wing political bent
Cost: $1.00 | x03288
Louise Neaderland
Open Roads/Empty Nests (1988)
New York, Bone Hollow Arts
Xeroxed maps and photographs; pictorial narrative
Cost: $5.00 | x04720
A fourth book purchased in that mail-order transaction, Sharon Gilbert's Green the Fragile (1989) will be covered in a separate post:
Sharon Gilbert
Green the Fragile (1989)
New York, Self-Published
Xerographic collage/text encouraging Green thinking and saving the trees. Signed: 76/300 
Cost: $2.00 | x04442 |  Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

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