Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mayday Club on Via Dante Alighieri

Mayday Club on Via Dante Alighieri
This was quite the find! Little did I know that I'd be in for a great evening when I wandered into the Mayday Club. I was looking for an interesting cocktail spot in Florence and saw some mentions of the Mayday Club. 

Since I'd been strolling on Via Dante Alighieri a few days ago, I knew the general area, but since it was in the day, I hadn't seen Mayday. 

I turned the corner tonight and there it was. The look of the Club attracted me right away: old electronic and telephony equipment. It was early, so when I walked in I was the only person there. I had a friendly greeting from the staff (who turned out to be the owners). 

Marco is an expert mixologist and guided me to the Ginko to start. Gin, Honey wine, Coco Buton made for a great, slightly sweet drink. I was also intrigued by the La Duchessa which included Marco's own absinthe. While I relaxed between drinks, Marco gave me a taste test of some of his fruit pressings (I particularly liked the pear). We also talked specialty liquors and when I asked for an Amaro recommendation to take home, Marco guided me to Vecchio Amaro del Capo

But the most interesting thing was when I received a tour of the collection from Jenna (co-owner and Marco's wife). It was an amazing (Smithsonian quality!) collection of early wireless, telephony, and telegraphy objects from Marco's grandfather and father who worked in the industry (and worked with Marconi on radar research). There's a great documentary on history of telecommunications waiting to be told over a fabulous cocktail.

The Mayday Club also works with the local artist community to sponsor exhibitions as well as related events. 

So, if you're ever in Florence, head over to Mayday Club. You won't regret it.

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