Monday, October 14, 2013

Marxist mystery meats and the lmnts r for the Performance of Presidents (Artist's Book Series II)

For my first artist's book purchase, I went to Bookworks on 7 March 1991. At that first purchase I acquired the items described below.

I was drawn to the Brandt titles, Mystery Meats (and later Cris de Paris), because of their complex craftsmanship and intricate designs. I don't seem to be able to find any additional information about the artist.

Endwar's lmnts r: fluid lines set in concrete (1990) was a nice example of concrete poetry and a nicely made book. 

Ric Haynes' Marxist President (1984) is still one of my favorites. A well-done joke that works well in the artist's book format. 

Lastly, Kurt Johannessen's Performances 1234 (1984) intrigued me on a couple of levels. First, the book was from Iceland which holds a fascination for me; second, it was a signed, numbered edition; lastly, the documentation of this performance piece was well done.

Stephen W. Brandt
Mystery Meats (1988)
n.p., Self-Published
Eighteen printed cards (pen-ink drawing with accompanying text). Signed in purple pencil on wrapper.
Cost: $5.00 | x47003
47003-IMG_6054 47003-IMG_6053 47003-IMG_6055

Endwar (pseud.)
lmnts r: fluid lines set in concrete (1990)
Athens, OH, IZEN
Twenty-two examples of concrete poetry
Cost: $1.00 | x44086 | Printed Matter Catalog Entry
44086-IMG_6014 44086-IMG_6016

Ric Haynes
Marxist President (1984)
New York?, Self-Published
Caricatures of the first 40 presidents with Groucho Marx masks; hand-colored pink noses
Cost: $6:00 | x48040 | Printed Matter Catalog Entry

48040-IMG_6071 48040-IMG_6072 48040-IMG_6073

Kurt Johannessen
Performances 1234 (1984)
Iceland, Self-Published
Photographs and text (in Icelandic and English), describing four performance pieces. Signed, 52/260
Cost: $7.00 | x49069
49069-IMG_6076 49069-IMG_6077 49069-IMG_6078

For this post, I'm also going to include the following, a second work by Stephen W. Brandt, Les Cris de Paris.
Stephen W. Brandt
Les Cris de Paris (1989)
n.p., Self-Published
20 cards with the text of a work by Clement Janequin (1485-1558); bound in printed wrapper tied with string; signed
Cost: $6.75 | x46003
46003-IMG_6056 46003-IMG_6058 46003-IMG_6057 46003-IMG_6059

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