Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Malachi McCormick, "vox audita perit littera scripta manet" (Artist's Book Series III)

I was first drawn (May 1991) to the small, finely printed, bound and illustrated miniatures of McCormick by his title, Snores (1986).

A few months later (November 1991), I picked up my second and third McCormicks, Pangur Bán (1990) -- the small black book with the print of a cat on it was irresistible -- and Hail to Your Coming, O Herring! (1984). The fine printing, calligraphy, and print work and complimentary printing combined with the overall craftsmanship make these miniatures true jewels. 

From his website, McCormick gives a full autobiography, it begins:
"My name is Malachi McCormick, and I make handmade books. I started The Stone Street Press in 1980 and have published some 50 titles since. 2006 was the 25th Anniversary of the press, and now I’m looking forward — if my presumption doesn't offend the actuarial deities– to the next 25 years of books and book-making and small-press publishing, and book arts. " (Stone Street Press site).
Read more about McCormick and his works at his website, The Stone Street Press

Malachi McCormick
Hail to Your Coming, O Herring! (1984)
New York, The Stone Street Press
Small illustrated version of Irish poem in English and Irish; stamped herring on cover; signed and numbered 116/495
Cost: $3.00 | The Stone Street Press
48111-IMG_6036 48111-IMG_6040 

Malachi McCormick
Snores: An Anonymous 17th c. Poem (1986)
New York, The Stone Street Press
“This little book was made for the Fifty Avenue Book Fair in New York City, September 14th, 1986”; translation of an anonymous 17th century poem; dual text (Irish and English); hand-tooled cover and colored illustration; signed: 310/495
Cost: $4.95 The Stone Street Press
mrk05-IMG_6044 mrk05-IMG_6041

Malachi McCormick
Pangur Bán (1990)
New York, The Stone Street Press
Small illustrated version of 9th century Irish poem with stamped cat on cover
Cost: $3.00 The Stone Street Press
mrk04-IMG_6037 mrk04-IMG_6039

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