Thursday, October 31, 2013

Looking for Beatrice on the Ponte Santa Trinita

Dante and Beatrice by H. Holiday at Hotel Santa Croce
"After the lapse of so many days that nine years exactly were completed since the above-written appearance of this most gracious being, on the last of those days it happened that the same wonderful lady appeared to me dressed all in pure white, between two gentle ladies elder than she. And passing through a street, she turned her eyes thither where I stood sorely abashed: and by her unspeakable courtesy, which is now guerdoned in the Great Cycle, she saluted me with so virtuous a bearing that I seemed then and there to behold the very limits of blessedness." Dante, La Vita Nuova (trans. Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1899)
It was here at the Ponte Santa Trinita, that legend has it that Dante for the second time in his life saw his muse, Beatrice. After this encounter, where he first heard her speak, he was taken by a fit of extacy and composed the great La Vita Nuova (1295). 

Here's a series of night shots ... any Dantes in these groups I wonder? 

2013.10.28-IMG_6850 2013.10.28-IMG_6849 2013.10.28-IMG_6843 2013.10.28-IMG_6848

And here are a few shots in the early morning:

2013.10.29-IMG_6861 2013.10.29-IMG_6862

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