Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Loneliness, great buys, rambling gibberish, mood swings: Daily Annoyances by Joann Thornton (Artist's Book Series VI)

41345-IMG_6023One of the more complex examples in my collection of a work based on Xerox copying. What makes this work special, however, is the use of both Xerox images overlayed with red text that highlight the "daily annoyances."

The "annoyances" range from the mundane ("Standing on a subway platform and being intimidated by a man making rude gestures with his mouth"), to the existential ("Loneliness"), to social commentary ("Listening to ignorant people say: 'I hate fairies or I don't mind fags, I just don't want them touching me.'").

This is a signed and numbered copy, 42/200.

41345-IMG_6024 Joann Thornton
Daily Annoyances (1991)
New York, Self-Published
Xerox images with overlayed red printing; signed and numbered 42/200
Cost: $8.00 | x41345

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