Sunday, October 20, 2013

"He looked like a wolf and like to scare people by growling" and 12 more dog tales by Susan Baker (Artist's Book Series V)

Baker's great, blocky images of thirteen dogs accompanied by micro-stories that tell dog's tales is a charming example of an artist's book that seems simple at first, but when examined more closely has a deeper impact.
An example of one of the stories: 
Johnny Low-Down
"Johnny Low-Down was a street dog. He was built low to the ground so he could hide under cars when the dogcatcher chased him. He was a living legend."

Susan Baker
Dogs I Have Known (1983)
n.p., Self-Published
Narrative describing 13 dogs (b/w illustrations of each).
Cost: $3.00 | x40171 |  | Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection

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