Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Good morning from Florence, from me and John Ruskin: The Third Morning: Before the Soldan

"You are, therefore—instructed reader—called upon to admire a piece of art which no painter ever produced the equal of except Raphael; but it is unhappily deficient, according to Crowe, in the "mere rendering of form"; and, according to Signor Cavalcasella, "no opinion can be given as to its colour."
John Ruskin, Mornings in Florence (1881)

Since the church wasn't open yet when I went out this morning, I just give you yet another image of Santa Croce. But here are three images from Giotto's frescoes in the Bardi Chapel of Santa Croce from my visit earlier in the week, none, however, of St. Francis and the Sultan (aka Soldan).

  2013.10.27-IMG_6555 2013.10.27-IMG_6554 2013.10.27-IMG_6557

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