Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Good morning Florence, from me and John Ruskin: The Second Morning: The Golden Gate

2013.10.28-IMG_6791Alas, I'm going to cheat today, the picture of Santa Maria Novella here is not from my morning walk, but rather from my evening visit to the church yesterday. By way of recompense, I offer a morning shot at the end of the post.
"To-day, as early as you please, and at all events before doing anything else, let us go to Giotto's own parish-church, Santa Maria Novella. If, walking from the Strozzi Palace, you look on your right for the "Way of the Beautiful Ladies," it will take you quickly there.
Do not let anything in the way of acquaintance, sacristan, or chance sight, stop you in doing what I tell you. Walk straight up to the church, into the apse of it;—(you may let your eyes rest, as you walk, on the glow of its glass, only mind the step, half way;)—and lift the curtain; and go in behind the grand marble altar, giving anybody who follows you anything they want, to hold their tongues, or go away."
John Ruskin, Mornings in Florence (1881)

2013.10.28-IMG_6801 2013.10.28-IMG_6783 2013.10.28-IMG_6776 2013.10.28-IMG_6774

Santa Trinta
Santa Trinta

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