Monday, October 28, 2013

Eric Meyer talking on Socio-Technical issues of data at #TDWG

"Long Live Data" by Erick T. Meyer at TDWG meeting in Florence.

Interesting talk on interactions of people and tech. Has some good comments on our use of the term "users" because all too often tech people see users as the problem and not the key participants/actors in the use of the technology.

Some other notes in building his talk:

  • More research/science/scholarship is being done by teams
  • Research computing is becoming more popular (with caveats); names changes over the years: Grid, Cloud eResearch, Supercomputing, Big Data (the current au courant term)
  • How projects move to become infrastructure
Recommended reading:
  • Whitley, R. (2000) Intellectual and Social Organization of the Sciences, 2nd ed., Oxford U. Press

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