Thursday, October 17, 2013

17 days from Shutdown to Reopening, via the front page of theWashington Post

2013.10.10: Lew to warn on risk of default2010.10.01: Shutdown2013.10.02: Bracing for a Long Battle2013.10.03: Focus shifts to debt-limit deadline2013.10.05: Shutdown's impact continues to grow2013.10.04: Boehner says he won't let the U.S. default
2013.10.06: The shrinking middle ground2013.10.07: Boehner is defiant amid risk of default2013.10.08: Democrats push bill to end logjam2013.10.09: Fears of a default weigh on markets2013.10.11: Obama, GOP in dept talks on two fronts2013.10.13: Senate leaders take reins on impasse talks
2013.10.12: GOP scrambles for budget deal2013.10.14: Senate leaders' negotiations stall2013.10.15: Senate leaders see deal on horizon2013.10.16: Senate leaders race to draft debt bill2013.10.17: Shutdown Ends

2013 Shutdown via WashPo, a set on Flickr.
Here are snapshots of the 17 days of the WashPo

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