Monday, September 23, 2013

Latest addition to dodo collection in my Wunderkammer | Cabinet of Curiosities

Latest dodo additionLatest edition to the dodo collection! A friend and colleague gave this to me the other day.

But it comes with a great story also. She had picked it up in Hastings (as in Battle of) when she was visiting with Ralfe Whistler (as in Whistler's mother - Ralfe is a descendant of Jame M.).

Seems that the Whistlers moved on from art and by the time the lineage reached down to Ralfe, dodos were the new Whistler passion.

Ralfe "The Dodo Man" Whistler has a dodo collection that puts my little cabinet to shame (you can read more about him in "The Dodo Man" from the Bohemian Village Voice, 20 September 2013). Why he even has a box of dodo bones!

So, I haven't decided yet how to display this latest addition, but thank you Nancy M. for your gift!

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