Tuesday, September 03, 2013

500,000 and counting ... Flickr views that is ... (and my top 5 viewed pics)

Earlier today, my Flickr stream hit it's 500,000th view! A member since March 2006, I've put around 27,458 pictures (and a few videos) on Flickr. That includes lots of cameraphone pics and a few years of old scanned items.

Hope all of you out there have enjoyed them.

Here are the top five most viewed images:

Angry Fish: 4,911 views
Angry Fish : Dr. Seuss

2009 pre-inauguration motorcade: 979 views
Barack Obama

TDWG STL 2006: 943 views

Martin & Nastasia Kinski, Madame Tussaud's: 873 views

Random shoe: 714 views

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