Thursday, August 01, 2013

Five Providence, Rhode Island, bookstore, or how to spend two rainy days in Rhode Island

Stopped off in Providence, Rhode Island for a couple of days before heading towards Cape Cad. No real plans other than to visit the Rhode Island State house, so the time was pretty open. The weather was a bit dreary, so spent a lazy, couple of rainy days in Providence spent hanging out in a couple of bookstores. 

Here's a brief rundown on the stops:

Cellar Stories Books
A perfect used book store; creaky shelves, eclectic collection well organized along with piles of unsorted materials. Welcoming staff. The only thing missing was a cat (unless I missed it!). Also a great pulp fiction collection and various printing antiques around for ambiance.

2013.07.25-IMG_4852 2013.07.25-IMG_4854 2013.07.25-IMG_4842 2013.07.25-IMG_4847

Symposium Books
It seems this shop recently relocated from the College Hill area. Primarily a remainder (and perhaps gently used?). Some interesting selections and a pretty good poetry selections. Two tempting, but unpurchased, items were a facsimile edition of John Shade's (sic) "Pale Fire" and the facsimile edition of Nabokov's The Original of Laura.

2013.07.25-IMG_4863 2013.07.25-IMG_4866 2013.07.25-IMG_4864 2013.07.25-IMG_4862

Brown University Bookstore
The name pretty much sums it up; nice cafe, textbook and other school supplies, but also a really nice selection of books.

2013.07.26-IMG_4964 2013.07.26-IMG_4963 2013.07.26-IMG_4965 Hugh Howey's Wool, in the wilds of a brick and mortar store

Books on the Square
Welcoming and family friendly (as well as what seemed like a neighborhood hangout since everyone seemed to know each other). Nice selection of current and local interest books.

2013.07.26-IMG_4971 2013.07.26-IMG_4970 2013.07.26-IMG_4973 2013.07.26-IMG_4972

Paper Nautilus Books
A classic used book store with a bent towards the finer end of literature. Very good poetry selection as well as fiction and non-fiction. There was even a small box of vinyl records (including a Buffy St. Marie album) as well a artwork for sale. I picked up a nice autographed copy of Vikram Seth's All You Who Sleep Tonight. The quietly friendly man on staff reminded me a little of a younger Mr. Penumbra (you'll have to Google that yourself!).

2013.07.26-IMG_4984 2013.07.26-IMG_4977 2013.07.26-IMG_4975 2013.07.26-IMG_4982


The Brewster Bookstore
Just a little corner bookstore, not in Providence, but in Brewster, MA.


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