Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy birthday, Henry Shaw, founder of the Missouri Botanical Garden, aka "Shaw's Garden" (@mobotnews)

Shaw's Mausoleum
Today is the birthday of Henry Shaw, founder of the Missouri Botanical Garden. I paid my first visit to "Shaw's Garden" in 2006 (photo set) when I was attending at TDWG meeting before heading on to San Francisco. Since that first visit, I've made many more trips to STL and the Garden (most recently, just a few days ago (photo set).

As a member of the Biodiversity Heritage Library, the Garden has hosted many of our BHL meetings over the year (as well as

Though the Garden is, of course, famed for the beautiful floral and botanical displays, it is also an important scientific facility with an amazing herbarium and research library (The Peter H. Raven Library).

The Garden will be having some special events in honor of it's founders 213th birthday, see more information here.

Some random shots from visits to "MOBOT" (as I continue to think of the Garden) are below. The first item is an herbarium specimen collected by Charles Darwin.

2007-09-12-dscn0758 2009-08-19-IMG_4051 2011.09.21-IMG_4257 2013.07.19-IMG_4755 2011.09.20-IMG_4243 2011.09.20-IMG_4244 2006-10-17-dscn5837 2006-10-17-dscn5828 2011.09.21-IMG_4255 2012.02.28-IMG_0983 2008-03-27-dscn3291 2008-03-27-dscn3286 2008-03-26-dscn3209 2008-03-28-dscn3350 2009-08-19-IMG_4059 2007-09-13-dscn0800 2007-09-13-dscn0796 2007-09-12-dscn0783

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