Monday, June 10, 2013

YAGP: Yet another group photo! The Global Biodiversity Heritage Library in Morocco

Yes, what is a meeting without the chance to take a GROUP PHOTO! Now, group photos are very important for many reasons: they show we really were there; they show that we really were doing work (I suppose) and well, they show us as a group!

The most famous group photo (and, perhaps outside of the Biodiversity Heritage Library collection, the only one reused on a regular basis) is the famed 1927 Fifth Solvay International Conference on Electrons and Photons. Now that's a group photo! The men and women in that group photo were, well, quite a group and included such household names as E. Schrödinger, W. Heisenberg, M. Born, N. Bohr; M. Planck, M. Skłodowska-Curie, and A. Einstein.

On our recent trip to Morocco, the Biodiversity Heritage Library will make no such claims to international notoriety, but will add to the stock of GROUP PHOTOS:

Global BHL: J. Cui, A. Fourie, J. Frank, N. Gwinn, M. Kalfatovic, E. Wallis, W. Ulate, M. Najib (Dar Fes Medina, Fes, Morocco, May 2013)

Global BHL plus the Library of Congress: J. Cui, J. Cole, M. Kalfatovic, E. Wallis, W. Ulate, A. Fourie, N. Gwinn, M. Najib, J. Frank (Royal Palace, Fes, Morocco, May 2013)

Participants of the 3rd International Conference on African Digital Libraries and Archives, Ifrane, Morocco, May 2013 (that's me under the "IF" in Ifrane on the banner).

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