Monday, June 10, 2013

The incomparable Dar Fes Medina, the only place to stay when you visit Fes, Morocco

Imane and Mohammed, Dar Fes Medina
I don't really want to write this post since it may make the Dar Fes Medina so popular that I won't be able to get a room when I return (which I surely will!).

I needed to hold a business meeting in Morocco and after looking at the things to do in Casablanca, I thought, who wants to spend three days in Casa when you can be somewhere else? Somewhere else like, say Fes? Since our next meeting was in Ifrane (about an hour from Fes) it made total sense. The intrepid William Ulate, Ely Wallis and I investigated options in Fes (specifically the old Medina area) and William found the "Dar Fes Medina". Thank you William and those who guided you there!

The Dar Fes Medina is (obviously) a "Dar" not a "Riad" (details: Dar have a courtyard, Riad have a garden). I stayed a total of four nights and it was one of the finest places I've every stayed (and I've been in very many places!).

Mohammed and Imane took care of our every need (from arranging guides to dinner spots in the labyrinthine media to (above and beyond) having a car and driver meet us in our next stop (Ifrane) and take us back to Casablanca.

From the food (where on the second day we had to request smaller portions), to the quality of the guides (amazing), to the effervescent ability of Mohammed and Imane to "fix" whatever our stay required made my stay (for work and pleasure) a memorable event.

Why the staff even played along with us and wore our BHL buttons!

2013.05.25-IMG_2765 2013.05.25-IMG_2772 2013.05.25-IMG_2783
From left: Dar Fes Media owner, Mohammed; view from room 304 at night; room 304

 2013.05.26-IMG_2802 2013.05.26-IMG_2811 2013.05.26-IMG_2812
From left: Dar Fes Medina; third floor; room 304

 2013.05.27-IMG_3044 2013.05.27-IMG_3070 2013.05.29-IMG_3370
From left: BHL meeting space, actual work being done; catered lunch (cooked in house -- amazing food by the staff); interior courtyard of the Dar Fes Medina

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