Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The BHL Button, of course, traveled to Morocco, here are a few "on location" images

In Volubilis, Morocco at the Roman ruins; In the shops of Fes, antique store, weaving store, potter, embroidery, carpets, etc.; At the Blue Gate of Fes; At the Hassan II mosque

2013.06.01-IMG_3744 2013.06.01-IMG_3714 2013.06.01-IMG_3732 2013.06.01-IMG_3735

2013.05.28-IMG_3349 2013.05.28-IMG_3337 2013.05.28-IMG_3330 2013.05.27-IMG_3147

2013.05.27-IMG_3145 2013.05.26-IMG_2936 2013.05.26-IMG_2981 2013.05.28-IMG_3200

2013.05.28-IMG_3346 2013.05.28-IMG_3348 2013.05.27-IMG_3154 2013.05.27-IMG_3146

2013.05.28-IMG_3299 2013.05.28-IMG_3296 2013.05.24-IMG_2397 2013.05.28-IMG_3338

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